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Branding WoodFest  ::  Free Range Music and Fun

Howerton+White worked with the team from the highly successful Symphony In The Flint Hills to re-brand another of the group’s musical events — WoodFest, formerly known as Joyful Noise. 

WoodFest is a music-based weekend held at Camp Wood near Emporia each fall.  Nationally known musicians, including H+W’s own Ken White, give players and non-players of all ages a chance to learn to play instruments and improve their skills. Many families choose to camp for the entire weekend, lending a true festival feel to the experience.

More than just a name and visual, H+W’s brand process results in a total identity that becomes the symbol for all the event means to participants.

Event Name
“WoodFest” was chosen from many options because it quickly provides a clue to the location, near Camp Wood, and the “fest” points to the many activities available at the event. The tagline, “Free Range Music and Fun,” is an important way to further define the event. Many will recognize “free range” as something grown in a natural way, which perfectly aligns with the open classes, sense of learning, and prairie setting.

Visual Brand / Logo
The dominant stringed instrument graphic identifies the event as centered around music, and ties it to the organizers’ connections with Symphony In the Flint Hills. The typography is designed to incorporate parts of the cello or bass, and the swirls are also meant to evoke the gentle breeze of the prairie setting. A simply green curved line underscores the logo and represents the Flint Hills.

The new brand, website and promotions were a huge success. Attendance more than doubled to include about 500 festival goers. Visit to learn more, and put the event on your calendar for next fall!


That’s the Spirit  ::  Largest Employer Welcomes Travelers to Wichita

Spirit AeroSystems challenged Howerton+White to take the successful look developed for two consecutive annual reports and translate it to a three-dimensional space, for the company’s official display at the new Eisenhower National Airport. The display is located in the area that separates the pre- and post-screened security sections of the airport, and can be seen from both sides.

H+W worked with Intake Studios, Exhibit Arts and Spirit’s internal creative team to produce the various parts of the display. The design incorporates the bright colors and aviation-inspired shapes H+W created for recent Spirit annual reports. 

Design Concept 
Previous airport displays held little more than small model airplanes to showcase the products the company helped create. H+W’s goal was to build both functionality and storytelling into the display, and use color and materials to complement the modern design of the airport. Four cabinets within the space carry designs and messaging, with a 30” globe and custom map showing all Spirit locations. Taking inspiration from the design of the annual reports, which featured window-shape die cuts to represent the company’s many types of projects, the airport display is encapsulated within a clear fuselage with window cut outs to give visitors the feeling of looking inside an actual airplane.

Video Focus
The 27’ x 9’ x 4’ glass enclosure is fitted with two 82” LED flat screen monitors that play a four-minute looping video highlighting images and footage from Spirit AeroSystems locations throughout the world. Video content is a mandatory element in current marketing, and is important in an environmental design setting, where it competes with other video and large-scale displays.

Do you have a design challenge for H+W? In need of an agency that understands overall brand strategy and design for specific industries and settings? Call on us for timely, on-target, and beautiful design work that tells your brand’s story. 


Marketing Trends  ::  Video Mandatory for Content Marketing

Online video content keeps growing because it works. Using video in emails can increase open rates by 20%, Online videos now account for 50% of all mobile traffic. Howerton+White is helping clients tell their stories with videos created to reach specific audiences. 

H+W created 30-second spots and longer format videos for Susan B. Allen Cancer Center. The videos are centered on the stories of cancer survivors, and help educate consumers about the top-tier care available in Kansas. The campaign also highlights the center's advances in diagnostic tools and treatments. 


Video content is also key for business-to-business marketing. H+W’s long-standing relationship with BLI Rentals, LLC, in Emporia, Kan., most recently included a visual brand update along with video development. As a rent-to-own finance partner for hundreds of outdoor equipment dealers in the U.S., BLI needed effective ways to communicate new services available to dealers, including and E-SIGN tool. While meeting this need, additional filming and editing will provide content for employee recruitment and education, community and business development, and targeted video content for specific regions and services.


Are you struggling to find a way to move to incorporate more video content in your marketing plan? H+W is an expert on identifying the key elements of your brand story and bringing your brand to life in video. 

Agency Awards  ::  Wichita American Marketing Association

Howerton+White is proud to share that judges from Omaha’s AMA chapter awarded H+W two Gold Max Awards – one for a print ad series for INTRUST Bank Arena, and another for marketing communications for Burnell’s Fine Jewelry and Design.

In related news, H+W’s Senior Brand Strategist Sheree Nikkel Gerig has joined the board of Wichita AMA as vice president of programming. 

Disability Supports Brand Inspired by Creative Care

From crafting pottery for resale and cooking lessons to adaptive technology and dance parties, Disability Supports of the Great Plains delivers care for people with severe physical and neurological disabilities with uncommon creativity. At Howerton+White, this inspirational care became the foundation for a new brand.

A layered visual approach includes elements reminiscent of a scrapbook (photographs, flowers, ticket stubs, works of art) highlighting the organization’s mission to fill each day with memorable moments. The look also reflects the warmth of family that characterizes the staff’s care toward clients. 

Established in the mid-90s, Disability Supports was founded by parents who wanted a new kind of care for their children with disabilities. Today the organization offers services through facilities in McPherson and Hutchinson, with more than 300 employees. 

Howerton+White worked closely with administrators and staff to craft a brand, and communication tools, worthy of the group’s high quality of care. A new website was launched in November, continuing the scrapbook-feel already developed in print brochures.

The look is also used to create an engaging series of videos, developed by H+W and production partner Intake Studios. The two- to three-minute videos have been used for the annual Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce dinner, as introductions at community concerts and events, and as online content for awareness and advocacy.

The brand extends to Disability Supports’ The Clayworks — an entrepreneurial artists’ studio in which clients make and profit from their art — and One Door North, a community art gallery and creative space located next door to The Clayworks in McPherson. H+W has designed logos, integrated web pages, and print pieces that reflect each entity’s unique mission and role in using art to enrich individual and corporate life.

The deeply moving and meaningful work of Disability Supports continues to inspire the H+W team. As Disability Supports expands, including the opening of The Clayworks in Hutchinson, H+W looks forward to sharing more stories and images of creative care.

Environmental Design: Storytelling Gone Huge

Beyond the height-times-width area of traditional design lies another dimension of fascination for Howerton+White. Commonly referred to as “environmental design,” it’s art with twists, turns, and motion that take a three-dimensional leap off their surface. 


Howerton+White helped KU Medical Center honor medical pioneer Dr. William Reals with a mural highlighting his numerous innovations in aviation pathology. The design features a DaVinci-styled human outline set against the backdrop of an aircraft. 


The high-end audio systems of Living Sound are displayed in a comfortable, up-scale living room built for sound.  A “Connection” theme helps to describe both the equipment and the experience of fine listening.


Wichita’s past mixes with aviation’s future in this lobby display created by Howerton+White for Exacta. A cloth wing with wooden struts that highlights early flight pioneers is held in place by modern five axis, keno-routed metal supports.


Rather than tell the story of Dr. Ashok Bajaj through words and photos, this memorial at Wesley Medical Center displays actual examples of cardiology equipment created by the late doctor.


Sometimes, the story is told in several chapters. After the sale of aviation production manufacturer Exacta, and the company’s subsequent creation of Bird’s Eye Real Estate, Howerton+White designed a timeline lobby display centered on both the group’s beginnings and its prospects for the future.  

Change Your Logo Without Changing Everything

How do you know when to keep a logo, update a logo, or completely redesign a logo? If your target audience and current customers recognize your mark, if it stands for who you are and what you do best, and if losing it would mean losing brand equity, then an updated design is the smart choice. Here are three recent examples of H+W clients whose logos needed varying degrees of redesign.




Burnell’s Fine Jewelry & Design

Established in 1979, this locally owned fine jewelry store logo was dated to that era. H+W designers simplified the mark while keeping the integrity of the overall look. The gradients and bright gold were softened. The 3D look was eliminated. A new script font was chosen to continue the mark’s signature “B” and underline element. This simpler and slightly smaller mark is now easier to reproduce in reverse or on color backgrounds, and communicates the sharp precision of fine and custom jewelry.




Sunflower Foundation

The Sunflower Foundation didn’t want a new logo. But, their existing mark wasn't easy to use beyond small business-card scale applications — enlarging the mark revealed shapes and angles that were awkward and unrefined. So, H+W recreated the beloved and symbolic logo with simpler, cleaner lines, allowing the logo to be used easily, at any size, while retaining the look and feel of the original.




The Ambassador Hotel Collection

A hospitality brand such as The Ambassador rightly places its logo on everything. But this was a problem. The crest was difficult to see in the black and grey color, or reversed out. The fine lines within the logo were lost when shown small. These complications limited consistency. H+W made the crest one continuous line weight, simplified the "A", streamlined the ribbon and eliminated the surrounding box. A family of consistent serif fonts was selected as part of a comprehensive brand logo guide. The logo remains recognizable and very familiar, a fitting a symbol of an upscale boutique hotel group.


Featured Exhibit: Art Work

In very recent history the Wichita Art Museum expanded, heightening a sense of modernity with fresh light and space to match its beautiful permanent and traveling exhibitions, and its wide array of cultural and community events. Now, it was time to do much the same for the museum’s website.

H+W designed the site with a contemporary, clean layout, including ample white space, to let beautiful works of art be the focus. A prominent space on the homepage shows off a large image with supporting text, ideal for new exhibits. Secondary events are called out below. All images lead to more information, allowing easy access to details without overwhelming the homepage with content.

Other features of note are a custom calendar, with filters to find events relevant to the viewer. WAM can also promote events at the top of the calendar page, to draw more attention to specific events.

The shopping cart's integration into the site means WAM can place shop items onto any page. Posters can be sold on an event page. Color Party tickets can be sold on the event page, making it easy for patrons to find what they want, easily.

Other Features Include:

  • Responsive View or View Full Site - Allows the content to be formatted either way on any device. Mobile users can view fix-width site if desired and switch between modes easily on any device. (See related story below.)
  • Calendar - Custom Full Week view to highlight WAM activities.
  • Shopping Cart - integrated within the site, allows shop items to be placed on any page.
  • Form Builder – Allows client to create and remove forms and place on any standard page. 

Responsive — ON or OFF

A priority for new sites is making them as fully useful and visually engaging on mobile devices as they are on standard computers. A responsive site automatically reformats the site for easy navigation on mobile devices. However, some users prefer a traditional site view. In the responsive-or-not-responsive argument, H+W said, “Both!”

H+W Senior Programmer Alan Kennedy explained, “With typical responsive sites, you can't view the full website version on your phone. The content is reformatted to fit on your phone screen, and there is no option to see the full website as it would appear on a computer or tablet.”

“Some people would rather pinch and zoom over a large page, especially if they know where the content they are looking for is located on the normal website,” said H+W Programmer Troy Williams. “Others like the larger type and bigger pictures on phones and tablets.

Now, Howerton+White puts the choice in the hands of the consumer.

H+W created a system in which users can switch back and forth on any device — from a responsive format to a traditional one. This gives the online visitor the power to decide what digital experience they prefer.   

The newly launched Wichita Art Museum site is programmed in this way. A simple click on either “Responsive View” or “View Full Site” reformats the entire site accordingly.

The feature is an innovative solution for groups who want the best of both worlds, with no need to choose between formats. The agency sees high demand for the option, with additional sites in production. “Giving people a choice in terms of format is always a plus, and creating a new way to approach a current digital trend is what we believe is one of our agency’s primary strengths,” said Kennedy.

Transforming. Focusing. Rising.

In mid-December, with holiday season in full swing, Howerton+White received the most valuable gift of all — opportunity. The agency was one of a handful of firms Spirit AeroSystems invited to participate in a design competition to produce the company’s annual report. And less than a month later, H+W learned their innovative, future-focused design was a winner.

Annual reports can communicate much more than sales figures and profit margins; they can signal significant shifts in corporate focus and provide key insights into company strategies. They can demonstrate a transformation. This was the goal from Spirit AeroSystems:  produce a report that reflects the optimism and energy of fresh leadership.

H+W partners Nicole Howerton, Bryan Malone, and Ken White, and senior creative staff members Craig Tomson, Bob Hamrick and Sheree Gerig decided to play with perspective. The report’s design communicates a new corporate outlook by literally shifting the format from the traditional vertical orientation to a horizontal one. The fresh perspective continues with multiple die-cut window shapes mirroring the type of aircraft assemblies Spirit constructs. Large color-saturated photos, foldout page formats, inventive infographics and powerful headlines invite recipients to actually read the report, and not simply flip to the financials.

The high-stakes, high-profile project was also on an accelerated production schedule. H+W Account Executive Melody Mynatt kept the project on budget and on track, playing a crucial role as a liaison to the Spirit communications team.

“We’re truly honored to design this report and see it to completion,” says Bryan Malone. “The Spirit team has been absolutely great to work with, and the project allows our agency to demonstrate some of our key capabilities — strategy, design and effective collaboration.”

Oil Change

When a national retailer wanted to test market “environmentally friendly” oil changes at their auto care centers in California, Kansas and Missouri, they choose Eco Ultra® re-refined oil. It’s a big win for our client, Universal Lubricants®, and potentially a big win for consumers. Here’s how we’re educating both the service staff and the consumer.

Long before the retailer came calling, Howerton+White and Universal Lubricants conducted significant national research, focus groups and intercept interviews to make sure we developed on-point, on-target messaging.

When the product test was a “go,” we were ready to assemble an innovative retail sales kit easily and quickly. First, training was key. We developed a concise five-point sales script and training video for the front-line service technicians. Next, we created a counter mat that does double duty with short, concise product benefits directed to the consumer, plus key selling points readable by the technicians behind the counter. Finally, a new product requires education. We knew that as customers waited in line we had the opportunity to provide unique easy-to-pick-up tools to answer the questions they’d have, and developed creative solutions to put the compelling facts about the product in consumers’ hands.

For this project, knowledge of the brand was not enough. We needed to understand the barriers for consumers and the best ways to overcome them. Thoughtfully, and artfully, H+W provided the information needed to roll out a polished, targeted sales effort and deliver a return on investment — for the company and our client

For more information, please visit

Equitable Experience 

How can one agency successfully market a variety of financial institutions at once? Howerton+White’s extensive experience in banking allows us to identify the strengths and voice of each client. Then, we deliver unique positioning and marketing strategies that build brand equity and pay long-term dividends. 

In searching for an agency to promote your bank or credit union, experience matters. If you’re going to sit across from an agency team to discuss the challenging regulatory environment for community banks, the ever-changing position of credit unions, or the competitive environment for ag lending, it helps if they understand what the heck you’re talking about. At H+W, we do.

Next, integrity matters. H+W’s slate of current financial clients is a reflection of the trust placed in our discretion. We honor the confidential information each shares.

Finally, with fewer dollars to invest in marketing given today’s business climate, it’s important to correctly prioritize projects and produce results. Our proprietary brand-building process quickly determines the elements that make each brand unique. By focusing on differentiating factors, no two ads, campaigns, websites or messages are alike. Interested in switching your account? We’ll make that easy, too.

Marketing Keys to Launching a New Product

Market Niche: Where Will It Live? Where will this product fit in the mind of the consumer? Where do you want it to live? It can launch a new category, be first, be positioned as a challenger brand to a market leader, or as a niche product for a select audience. Find its place.

Product Message: What Will It Say? Testing the look and the various messages is crucial. H+W uses national consumer online panels, focus groups and online surveys to gather representative data and in-person, interactive feedback. You might be surprised what consumers prefer. Listen to them.

Selling Strategy: How Will It Break Out? What mix of media will hit your identified audience? What trade publications and consumer editors need to know about it? What will compel consumers to act? Create a merchandising strategy along with your marketing plan. Tailor the plans for your audience. Be targeted.

Featured Project

A white love seat in front of a white background may not seem like an appropriate place to launch a series of new, high-tech financial services. But that’s exactly where we took Credit Union of America for their most recent multimedia campaign.

Actually, the setting was familiar ground for our client and us. Three years ago, to launch the company’s H+W-created “Welcome to Friendly” theme, we brought together customers (or, as CUA refers to them, “members”) with actual credit union employees. The white-on-white set gave us the perfect place to follow our client’s lead, and focus public attention on the easygoing working relationship between members and employees.

The set proved every bit as functional for the broadcast launch of CUA’s package of services that included SnapCHECK photo banking, CardLOC security, and a range of electronic checking elements. Rather than getting lost in the mechanics of the products, the campaign used the member/employee pairing to share news of the services, demonstrate their significance, and assure members that CUA’s staff would be there every step of the way.

That same attitude was captured in print. Outdoor billboards captured the products in use, in their natural environment. In-house posters good-naturedly challenged members to reduce their visits to the credit union.

And through it all, Credit Union of America was able to successfully pair the high-tech of the industry’s most advanced financial tools with the hands-on, high-touch outlook of “Welcome To Friendly.”

ORDER UP! Hot New Logo Designs

A logo is a piece of art that — at first glance — captures the essence of a business. Here are a few Howerton+White has created for our clients recently.

A master chef makes all the difference. So to brand the exquisite Luciano’s Restaurant in Mulvane, Kan., H+W put him front and center, smocked, and ready to work his culinary magic.

The Clayworks in McPherson is a studio whose every artist is as unique as the pieces they create. A program of Disability Supports, the studio recently opened a shop next door to sell the art. It’s called One Door North. And it’s opening doors of opportunity.

A partnership between our client Star Lumber & Supply and Habit for Humanity,
Cottonwood Corner will soon become Wichita’s newest self-built, dream-of-a-lifetime neighborhood of homes.

Nahola is a one-of-a-kind workout center and experience created specifically for older Wichitans looking to rekindle the spark of energy in their lives. 

Professional Engineering Consultants Website

A good website lets its company’s strength shine through. Take Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC), for example. Visiting with this new client convinced us they were precise, professional and sharp. But that wasn’t the message their website was sending, and Howerton+White went about putting things right.

Rather than throwing away everything PEC had done prior to meeting with us, we kept what worked — especially their theme line “Science Applied.” In fact, we expanded on it, using it to introduce sections including “Innovation Applied,” “Precision Applied,” “Ingenuity Applied,” and so on, throughout the site.

We stepped away from the white, light backgrounds most websites use and went with a dark, black screen to create a feeling of strength capable of handling the most massive projects. Then we tied in the background and dramatic photos with bright, colorful triangles. Symbols of precision, triangles are used extensively throughout the site.

The project also features collapsing navigation and mega-menus that quickly give readers synopses of pages without resorting to rollovers.

The result was impressive enough to win a 2013 Marketing Communications Award. Even better, our client loves it.

We’ll meet you in the Logo Lounge.

It’s beginning to seem like Howerton+White spends as much time in Logo Lounge as Norm does at Cheers.

The brainchild of Wichita designer Bill Gardner, Logo Lounge is an annual publication and web offering that tracks trends
in logo design. Every year, only 2,000 of more than 35,000 logos submitted are chosen for the Lounge. And since the series began in 2006, graphics created by H+W have consistently become regulars in the Logo

This year, we are represented by two uniquely different designs. The graphic look for the 2011 Tallgrass Film Festival builds on the event’s “movies-with-a-twist” theme with a linear, flowing, illustrative style. The design for the Kansas City-based Women’s Business Center, on the other hand, works to establish brand identity with a strong, iconic, geometric look.

For the people behind the designs, being included is a full-circle accomplishment. “There’s no better way to learn what’s going on in the area of business identity than Logo Lounge,” H+W art director Craig Tomson said. “The books and website give us a basis for contemporary design that helps us create meaningful images for our clients.”

“We often check Logo Lounge to see what the current trends are,” art director Josh Becker added. “So it’s a great feeling to have our work featured and know that other designers will be following trends we’re helping set.”

Digital Content Do's

Turn your employees’ expertise into a key part of your overall marketing strategy.

What do an aerospace supplier and a disabilities service provider have in common? They are both experiencing significant brand awareness with the help of digital video content.

Recently, H+W worked with clients Exacta Aerospace Inc. and Disability Supports of the Great Plains to create high-quality videos to be used across various media.

Exacta Aerospace needed a way to introduce major aircraft manufacturers to their people, expertise and equipment — from a distance. Simply put, a list of equipment on a website or in a brochure cannot communicate the breadth and depth of the company’s capabilities. A passion for perfection comes shining through in the images and words of the Exacta people themselves.

Likewise, for families looking for support services for loved ones with disabilities, the ability to “meet” caregivers and glimpse a day-in-the-life of clients in their care is crucial. Disability Supports is unlike any other caregiver, but here, the difference between “telling” and “showing” is night and day.

In each case, a large amount of content was collected. The initial video edits are only the tip of the iceberg. The gathered content can be re-edited into snippets for online ads, email campaigns, e-newsletters and website sections.

Consumer demand for video content is driven by today’s widespread upgrades in mobile devices, allowing quality video content to be loaded and viewed quickly. Video (as a key part of an integrated online marketing strategy) helps consumers feel like individuals, rather than an insignificant part of a huge market segment. The best digital content is always educational and it is delivered best from a first-person perspective.

After all, stories are personal. The power of stories — unscripted, but well edited and informative — allows prospects an inside look into your organization, facilitating a personal connection to your brand.

Learn more about this recognized trend via AdWeek's April 2013 article here.

Powerful Partnerships

H+W teams with OneKC for Women to strengthen brand and help women.

Helping organizations clearly communicate their services is a primary strength of Howerton+White. The key? Creating an integrated marketing strategy. We’re privileged to have initiated this process with our philanthropic partner, the OneKC for Women Alliance in Kansas City, Mo.

OneKC for Women works to help women build financial success through three partner organizations. The challenge? Developing an entire communications structure to make the alliance make sense in the minds of stakeholders and those the organization serves.

H+W recommended beginning by strengthening the visual brands in a way that demonstrated a connection. The three new logos for alliance members — Women’s Employment Network, Women’s Business Center and Women’s Capital Connection — were designed to reflect the unique role of each organization. The similar visual styles signal that the groups are related. 

Secondly, H+W extended the integrated communications strategy to the web. A recently launched, all-new website enables the umbrella organization, OneKC for Women, to take the lead by serving as the anchor page, introducing visitors to the alliance’s goal of creating financial success for women. The tabbed structure of the site is actually a way to integrate four sites into one. No matter where a visitor begins, they can “tab over” to a “sister” organization. Messages help direct users to explore and find the programs that fit their particular needs.

“This easy-to-navigate site is built to show the role of each of our individual organizations and the way we collaborate to help women achieve success. Howerton+White’s creativity and knowledge of how consumers use online tools ramped up our overall brand in a big way, while at the same time strengthening the identity of each partnering group. Now, our design reflects our passion and purpose.” — Sherry Turner, President, OneKC for Women Alliance

Finally, H+W continues to work with OneKC for Women to develop key messages, integrating the way each stakeholder talks about what they do.

Interested in how to pull strategic thinking and communications together to benefit your entire organization? H+W is here to help.

ECO ULTRA® FlexPak™ Wins New Packaging Award at AAPEX 2012

Universal Lubricants’ ECO ULTRA® FlexPak™ is the recipient of a New Packaging Award (Innovation Category) at the Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo in Las Vegas.

ECO ULTRA Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is the first in the U.S. to go to retail in a sustainable, flexible, stand-up pouch.

Howerton+White, working with Universal Lubricants LLC, developed the ECO ULTRA brand and strategy for unveiling the revolutionary package design at the AAPEX trade show.

“Only five manufacturers in the U.S. collect and re-refine used oil,” says Nicole Howerton, principal and creative director. “H+W is thrilled to be working with Universal, located in Wichita, to bring ECO ULTRA motor oil to the retail market.”

ECO ULTRA is made from high-quality re-refined base stock and blended with premium performance additives. Installers, service centers and fleet companies across the country have used the ECO ULTRA line of products with great success for several years.

Now, Universal is looking to place ECO ULTRA motor oil on shelves across the country, available to consumers in an innovative, new form of packaging.

Howerton says when Universal moved from a bottle to a flexible pouch design, new opportunities were created to position the product as a “first,” and true, example of eco innovation. “It’s re-refined inside and completely redesigned outside,” she says.

The package is meant to break through the traditional, slow-to-change motor oil product category and garner attention in a sea of sameness.

Sheree Nikkel Gerig, lead brand strategist at H+W, says the ECO ULTRA brand approach is based on emphasizing innovation, performance and quality aspects of the product first, with environmental benefits second.

“Research shows consumers want to buy products that perform better than current alternatives. The FlexPak is tough. It pours faster, easier and cleaner than traditional bottles,” says Gerig. “DIYers understand the significant improvements made in re-refining technology. Focus-group participants were compelled to pick it up, examine it, because it’s different. That’s a great combination for retailers.”

Craig Tomson, senior art director, worked closely with manufacturers to design and produce the unique FlexPak.

Star Packaging of Atlanta, Ga., manufactures the ECO ULTRA FlexPak, and Innovative Packaging Network, headquartered in The Netherlands, engineered the “Clean Spout” which allows the FlexPak to pour cleaner and easier.

Tim, Tina and Teamwork for Tallgrass

From the start, Tina Walterscheid has been a dedicated fan of Wichita’s Tallgrass Film Festival. But it was a night of karaoke with the late film fest founder and close friend Tim Gruver that turned Tina from an excited attendee to a dedicated, reliable part of every festival since.

“Singing with Tim was quite memorable — although I have absolutely no idea what we sang!” jokes Tina.

But, Tina says, it was Tim’s serious and exciting vision for a Wichita-based film festival that seemed right on key. “He purposefully moved here with a vision for making the festival happen. He saw extraordinary possibilities in the city and its people,” says Tina. 

Tim passed away in 2005, but his passion for a growing, successful Wichita-based international film festival lives on. She believes one reason for its success is the organization’s ability to remain flexible.

“The year after Tim passed away, the festival was shortened to just one day. Another year, all the screenings were at Warren Old Town. Now, we’ve set up viewing venues across the city.”

Volunteers, of course, are also vital.

“I’ve joked that Gay Quisenberry, volunteer director, is responsible for feeding and clothing hundreds of us over several days,” Tina says. “She provides t-shirts, food and drinks, and keeps everyone motivated and energized to endure long days of work.”

In addition to various volunteer duties over the years, Tina was first tapped to become a screener and then a programmer. The screeners give a “yes” or “no” for a first cut. Then, programmers review these films, assigning scores for directing, acting, scripting and other elements. Each programmer writes a review to support a recommendation, non-recommendation or reservation rank. Group screenings also offer opportunities to discuss the films prior to selection. Programmers, including Tina, also introduce films to audiences during the festival.

“It’s been amazing to see the growth in attendance each and every year,” Tina says. “Our tenth year set yet another new attendance record of 11,223 viewers. Time to look forward to the next ten!”

Turning Ten, Together

H+W is proud to be the official advertising and interactive partner for Tallgrass Film Festival hosted in and around downtown Wichita, Kansas, October 18–21.

180 official selections. 140 short films. 91 total screenings. 50 feature films. 34 visiting filmmakers. Dozens of local directors. Four galas. One US premier.

In its milestone 10th year, the Tallgrass Film Festival has grown in scope and in respect among film festivals nationwide. Wichita residents and area film aficionados, with their gifts of attention and attendance, provide a voice for independent films and filmmakers. Tallgrass Film Association fosters an appreciation of the cinematic arts by creating shared experiences around the international medium of film.

Poster and Event Theme Design

H+W was thrilled to take on the challenge, for a second year, to design the promotional materials and website for the 2012 Tallgrass Film Festival.

Since Tallgrass Film Festival was celebrating its 10th year and the roman numeral ten had already been used in communications, H+W was tasked with coming up with a unique and memorable interpretation.

After creative digs and brainstorming among the H+W design team, a solution was born. The elements creating the X could represent the history of the festival, and more, the history of filmmaking. Random camera pieces would become the photographic fodder necessary to bring the idea to life.

Tina Walterscheid, H+W account executive and longtime TFA film reviewer, brokered the use of old cameras and projectors from Moler’s Camera.

Once designs were completed, H+W worked with IMG to create a “Game of Thrones” interpretation of the logo. From “camera rolling” to “cut”… the theme was stamped on all festival marketing materials.

Website Debut

“With the festival reaching its pinnacle year — celebrating its 10th anniversary — it was important for Tallgrass and the national/global audience of filmmakers it represents to have an online presence that fully matched the experience, maturity and quality of the festival,” Howerton says. “We were honored to work alongside the amazingly creative team at Tallgrass to create this site.”

Howerton says a new site was not only necessary to properly promote the festival, it also is the most visible way of promoting the growing talent and focus on the arts in our community.

Designer Josh Becker points to key new features of the site: homepage slides for events; calendar feature; comprehensive film guide; ticket purchase ability; and a social media aggregator to include the frequent entertaining, helpful and often humorous social media posts, news and trivia from film fans.

Aesthetics played an important role, too. “To grow the brand, we’ve chosen bold colors, interesting imagery and quirky photographic elements. A wide-eyed rooster and other imagery evocative of the region are juxtaposed against shots of film industry equipment to support the film association’s brand and its stubborn independence,” Becker says.

“We believe the site represents a world-class film festival, and an enriched and growing downtown Wichita,” says Howerton. “We’re thrilled to be the stubbornly independent ad agency in the middle of it all.”

Howerton+White Celebrates Turning Ten, Expansion and Renovation

We’re pleased to be sliding into our second decade as an advertising agency with the remodel and expansion of our downtown Wichita office. Our new digs happen to include a 30-foot stainless-steel slippery slide, a symbol of our philosophy of balance in the workplace. “We work really, really hard,” Nicole Howerton says. “So we make a point to play hard as well.”

H+W began in 2002 as an interactive agency by Howerton [Principal | Creative Director] and Ken White [Principal | Interactive Director] and expanded to a full-service agency in 2004 with the addition of Bryan Malone [Principal | Creative Director and Broadcast Director].

Today H+W is an agency of 19 people specializing in establishing and growing brands through its proprietary process dubbed Brandstacking™. Clients continue to rely heavily on our interactive expertise, choosing us for custom website work in large part due to our custom content management system, which is integrated into all H+W-created sites.

Malone attributes the agency’s success to slow, steady growth; collaborative agency-client relationships; and a culture of individual excellence, responsibility, integrity and care. “We’ve also been tremendously selective about bringing the right people together at the right time.” 

“We apply our talents and skills in an environment that is decidedly egalitarian, stable, apolitical, trusting and enjoyable,” Howerton said. “Each team member cares deeply about the company and how it succeeds through the success of our clients.” 

“We’ve established a welcoming, nurturing culture, with people who are passionate about life in general — it’s an energy that translates into a high level of creative solutions for clients,” White said. “Our culture is also about giving back; working with select organizations to help promote the health of our city and region.”

If you’re ready to work and play with a highly effective team of marketing pros, call Nicole Howerton at 316.262.6644. Or stop in for a tour of our creative playground, complete with a ride down the slide.

Cooking Up (Culinary) Creative


Our good friends at Butler Community College are eager to promote the school’s robust 
hospitality management program, complete with a growing culinary arts track. Classes start soon, so… despite Tom Colichio’s notable absence, our creative team has made magic happen with a quick fire awareness campaign. Billboards, print ads, banner ads and a dedicated “microsite” are encouraging foodies to unite and get cooking at Butler. Using clever culinary terms, the campaign purposefully lives within BCC’s established look and brand.

Look for the campaign… and, perhaps, a few surprise events and food challenges when you least expect them…

Air Plains Introduces Inpulse at Oshkosh


Aviation is one of the most significant sources of airborne lead in the country. For many years the aviation industry has talked about possible solutions for alternatives to leaded fuel. Air Plains Services Corp., located in Wellington, Kan., is in the process of creating a solution.

While the product is in final development, H+W accepted the challenge of creating an identity and brand for this product. Following our proprietary branding process, the product was named Inpulse — a nod to the function of this anti-detonant injection system activated under precise flight conditions, utilizing unleaded fuel in high-compression engines.

The Air Plains team joined fellow “avgas” supply chain developers at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2012. A joint booth, including Inpulse from Air Plains Services, featured a banner graphic showing the relatively simple way Inpulse is installed and used.



Orange U Glad It’s Almost Over?

After months of dust flying, drills digging and saws screaming, the H+W family is ensconced on the remodeled, expanded second story at 520 E. Douglas. It’s the main floor’s turn to receive a facelift. Then, following a final round of musical chairs, we’ll be ready to invite you in. Stay tuned for a gallery of “before” and “after” shots including a slippery slide ride videocam. Oh yes we did.

ADDY® Awards Share the Love with Howerton+White

From origami annual reports to peacock-fan-shaped invitations, Howerton+White’s talented creatives, strategic account managers and savvy IT guys crank out top-notch work all year long. The days fly by. Consumed by our passion for this business, we focus on making great work. Then, once a year on ADDY night, we have a chance to step back and enjoy viewing the amazing work produced by our team and our peers throughout Wichita.

H+W is excited — and humbled — to have been awarded seven 2012 Gold ADDYs from the American Advertising Federation, more than any other agency.

“Our city is full of talented advertising people, not just at Howerton+White but across Wichita. That’s what makes it all the sweeter to receive a little of the ADDY love,” said Nicole Howerton, principal and co-creative director of the agency.

While pleased with our accomplishments, we applaud our clients who trust and follow our strategic, creative solutions to meet their communications needs. H+W is proud to share the love, and the list of 2012 ADDY Award winners, with our clients and friends.

Gold ADDY Awards (7)
Bartlett Arboretum, 2011 Croquet Party Invitation
Bartlett Arboretum, “Treehouse” Concert Series Poster
Howerton+White, 2011 Holiday Card, “Cool Yule”
Sedgwick County Zoo, Zoobilee “Gates of Paradise” Campaign
Sunflower Foundation, Annual Report
Tallgrass Film Festival, 2011 “Get Twisted” Campaign
Universal Lubricants, “Re-Refine Re-Define” Materials

Silver ADDY Awards (13)
CivicPlus, “Spheres of Influence” B-to-B Campaign
CivicPlus, “Spheres of Influence” Brochure
CivicPlus, “Spheres of Influence” Toolbox
Credit Union of America, Open House Campaign
First National Bank of Hutchinson, “Season’s Greetings”
LivingSound, Self-Promotion Gift
Midway Motors, :30 TV “Worth the Drive”
Positive Directions, 2011 AIDS Walk, “Tied to Hope”
Sedgwick County Zoo, Zoobilee “Gates of Paradise” Invitation
Tallgrass Film Festival, “Get Twisted” Logo
Universal Lubricants, “Here’s to You” Mailer
Wichita Downtown Development Corp., Leasing Brochure
Wichita Downtown Development Corp., “Stay Connected” Mailer

Bronze ADDY Awards (6)
CivicPlus, Logo
Credit Union of America, TV Campaign
Midway Motors, TV Campaign
Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital, :30 TV Diagnostic/Imaging
Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital, Branding
Universal Lubricants, ECO ULTRA Logo

We’re growing up

Construction is seriously underway in a big, big way at 520 E. Douglas, home to Howerton+White. When we moved into these offices, three partners and one account executive made up the entire H+W team. During the past six years our staff has more than quadrupled. We are now the city’s fifth-largest agency with a staff of 19, and have found ourselves in very cozy quarters. Too cozy. It’s time for a change. It’s time to grow up!

H+W is expanding into the additional 3,000 square feet on the second floor of the Classical Revival two-story building where we occupy the first floor. Built by the Stites brothers in 1889, the structure was erected two years after the opening of the Carey House (the Eaton Hotel), in what was the most significant commercial district in Wichita. At the time Benjamin Harrison was president and the Oklahoma territory was not yet opened for settlement.

Initially the Stites brothers probably used the first floor for their real-estate office and leased out the upstairs. Later the building held Rosen Brothers Pawn Shop, Orr Bookstore and then a pizza joint. There are reports that the upstairs housed the city’s first roller-skating rink. The building has been through many incarnations. However, the remodeling currently underway will unify the two floors into one usable space for the first time in the structure’s history.

Larry and Mary Malone, parents of H+W partner Bryan Malone, own the building and are working with the three H+W principals along with architect Michael Cathcart, and Brandon Wilson, president of Icon Structures Inc. as general contractor, to remodel the two floors into a very open, functional space for the agency. In the back of the building a 16-foot by 12-foot hole has been cut between the two stories. This will accommodate a set of stairs and a 13-foot stainless-steel slippery slide to connect the two floors.

Bryan Malone says, “We wanted to do something besides a traditional staircase. We wanted to come up with something fun and different. A slide connecting our two floors exemplifies how we think differently.” He says, “It will include two humps for added effect.”

Other significant updates will be made to the interior. Upstairs, an open floor plan and a glass conference room will ensure that the 1889 purple Luxfer glass transom remains visible. Additional updates to electric service, water, heating and air conditioning will bring the building up to modern code. Workspaces, production areas, a small casual meeting space, restrooms and a second-floor kitchen will be added to meet the needs of our busy agency. Construction is scheduled to be completed this spring.

At 520 E. Douglas, Howerton+White is part of what has been designated as the East Douglas Avenue Historic District by both Kansas and national historic registers. As such, the exterior of the structure will not change. The first floor will maintain the current deeply recessed entry with flanking display windows. The unifying cast-iron cornice with dentils, modillions and decorative panels above the corbelled brick brackets will remain untouched. And, at the roofline, the bracketed tablet between two finials will still bear the original builders’ name: “Stites.”

Tallgrass Film Festival gets twisted

Wichita’s premier film festival since 2003, the Tallgrass Film Festival showcases independent films that would otherwise not be seen in this region. The four-day event draws participants from across the region and filmmakers from around the world.

Festival organizers came to Howerton+White this year ready to break with their standing tradition of using female figures in their promotional pieces. H+W designer Josh Becker handled that challenge without a kink.

In the 2011 promotional materials, springing from the theme “Get Twisted,” Josh employed a continuous line that twists and turns to form famous film icons, including a falcon, mask, pointing finger, an eye — which appears to be peering through an opening of some sort — and a film reel.

Whether the viewer thinks of The Maltese Falcon or Hitchcock’s The Birds when looking at the falcon, Phantom of the Opera or Zorro for the mask, Goldfinger or Cagney’s White Heat for the finger as a gun, The Shining or A Clockwork Orange with the peering eye, the iconography is unmistakably from the movies. Of course the cool factor didn’t stop with the posters, programs, tickets and T-shirts.

There’s an app for that.

Promoting the Tallgrass Film Festival with posters was one thing. Helping attendees decide which screenings and events to attend was another.

The Tallgrass Film Festival runs four days, from 9:00 a.m. to midnight. Every hour there is something being shown, discussed or celebrated across the city. With 50 films and events in 16 different venues, 15 hours a day, filmgoers needed some help deciding what to do, when, and where. With Howerton+White’s help, the Tallgrass Film Festival organizers could say, “We’ve got an app for that.”

Our web developer extraordinaire, Alan Kennedy, developed a mobile web app to help Tallgrass Film Festival attendees keep every movie-lovin’ experience at their fingertips through their smartphones. Users could see a day calendar, sort all the events or just the films, or see a comprehensive list. Users could even get route information about the Q-Line of trolleys running between venues. Using the web app on their phone, attendees could also set up their own schedules and send reminder emails to themselves for each event. In the end, the posters, tickets, T-shirts and web app tied everything together beautifully for the organizers and the attendees.


First National Bank of Hutchinson’s all-new bank website expands financial functionality.

For First National Bank of Hutchinson, the process of creating a new website was just as important as opening a new branch bank location. New innovative services, such as mobile banking, created the need to give the bank’s website a complete remodel.

“As we made significant changes in what services we’re able to offer, we needed a way to more effectively market our products and services,” said Kris Doswell, vice president of marketing and training for The First. “Clearly, our website is our primary marketing tool. It was time for a major upgrade.”

Online Brand Integration

Many banks and financial institutions opt for a templated web solution purchased from companies who specialize in serving banks. But for Doswell, such a decision would not have been a wise investment.

“H+W knows who we are, what we stand for and the strategic direction we’re going,” Doswell said. “An outside vendor can place elements of a brand on a site, but I feel that by staying with our agency our site now fully parallels other marketing materials — that seamlessness is key for our branding success.”

Bryan Malone, H+W principal and co-creative director, said the agency is uniquely positioned to provide effective brand management online. “Our firm began as an interactive marketing group. So we view websites as foundational to a strong brand — not an afterthought and not a one-size-fits-all design. The site must grow from the brand as a whole.”

Processes and Perceptions

Doswell says she’s guided companies through new sites before, and that this experience was much more seamless. “The folks at Howerton+White, as they always are, were responsive to tweaks and suggestions. The team did a good job of listening — from design all the way through programming.”

Launched in April, the site is receiving very positive reviews from customers and bank leadership alike. “It’s fresh, it’s bright, it’s cheerful and engaging. Customers can find what they need easily.”

Easy for Customers, Easy for Client

Creating “ease of use” is a must for all interactive clients, says Nicole Howerton. “Customers cannot be expected to have to hunt for the information they need. Our process includes studying industry best practices and designing architecture and visuals that allow consumers to explore, find and engage fully online.”

Howerton says the agency’s custom content management system allows all agency interactive clients to easily update information without risk of “breaking” the site. Doswell, however, admits to being a bit skeptical. “They kept reassuring me how easy it would be to use, and I must say I was surprised at how truly easy it is. The content management system far exceeded my expectations.”

Go to to view the site. For an introduction to H+W’s website capabilities and process, please email us at

Looking Up
In 15 short years H+W has gone from a two-person interactive design shop to a 15-member integrated marketing agency. We’ve chosen to grow at a steady pace, bringing the right people together at the right time. We’re focused on remaining strong and balanced with a wide representation of industries and services among our client base.
New Brand Identity
A fall musical weekend gives non-artists a chance to explore new instruments, the arts and the great outdoors. It's WoodFest, Free Range Music and Fun.
Environmental Design
H+W designed a three-dimensional display for Spirit AeroSystems at the Eisenhower National Airport. Bright color, movement and video all work together to further the brand.
Marketing Trends
Online video content keeps growing.
It's now 50% of all mobile traffic. From
consumer brands to b2b, H+W is delivering engaging content, tailored for each brand.
Change Your Logo Without Changing Everything. How do you know when to keep a logo, update a logo, or completely redesign a logo?
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